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Posted by Buggles

    TMI now accepts BitCoins! If you'd like to top up your Credits so you can buy a distinctive avatar, some teleport tokens and/or any of the exclusive content packs you can now use Bitcoins to do it!

Posted by Buggles

    We're putting out yet another patch today and we're also celebrating the launch of our Kickstarter Campaign. We're only a small indie developer so we really need your support to help push things forward and get the message out there. So if you haven't already done so, please stop by our Kickstarter page and check out the exciting rewards we've got on offer.

Want our artists to make up a unique custom-made avatar just for you? Perhaps a glorious 3D statue left on permanent display in the Ministry of Defending Stories? Maybe you would like to be one of the first people to get the iPad version when it's released? All of these things and more are available via Kickstarter.

Win fame, glory, an iPad Mini, and other exciting prizes !

The Evil Genius competition is open so dive into constructification and get building! The winning entry will be converted into the game's first major raid zone and the designer will walk off with an engraved iPad Mini. Check out the competition page for details of the prizes on offer and how to try and get your hands on them. 8-)

Posted by Buggles

    Patch, patch, patchy patch. We're rolling them out at quite a rate at the moment. 8-)

But the one on Monday 18th February is going to be a biggie. We'll be wiping blurbs and character progression, which is a necessary part of the ongoing development. On the upside it'll give some of you high level players a chance to check out the lower level content all over again - and much has changed.

Later that week we'll be making no less than three exciting announcements. We're so keen to tell you about them that we've already started leaving some not-so-subtle clues around the place. ;)

Posted by Buggles

    Lots more changes went live on the new-look website today. And in case you missed it, we also updated the game itself. 8-)

Posted by Buggles

    Change is in the air!

On top of the major patch released yesterday we're about to make some pretty substantial changes to the TMI website. The next phase of the TMI Beta is about to begin!

Posted by Gums

    If you're a mac user, be sure to check out this post regarding our new launcher for Mac OS X.

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