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The Missing Ink MMORPG is the world's first truly cross-platform MMORPG and Virtual World - and it's totally FREE TO PLAY!!!

Access one giant game world via a multitude of devices. Play right now for FREE on your PC, Mac or in the browser with iPad & Android tablet versions to follow soon...

Are you ready for your first day on the job? Your first mission awaits you in the Ministry of Defending Stories...

Latest News

Posted by Buggles

    Lots more changes went live on the new-look website today. And in case you missed it, we also updated the game itself. 8-)

Posted by Buggles

    Change is in the air!

On top of the major patch released yesterday we're about to make some pretty substantial changes to the TMI website. The next phase of the TMI Beta is about to begin!

Posted by Gums

    If you're a mac user, be sure to check out this post regarding our new launcher for Mac OS X.

Posted by Buggles


The Missing Ink just won the People's Choice Award in the Indie Showcase at the Develop conference. 8-) ... ice-award/

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and voted for us!

Posted by Gordo

    The video on YouTube =

Posted by Gordo


We've been very busy recently and we thought it would be a good idea to update our lovely community with the latest developments for The Missing Ink!

Head on over to RedBedlam's blog -->

-For a cool video showing The Missing Ink running on iPad...
-And an announcement that The Missing Ink has been shortlisted for the Develop Indie Showcase Awards!
-And to check out our presence at Rezzed the UK's latest PC & Indie Game Show in Brighton next month.

Happy reading!


Evil Genius Competition

Are you the Evil Genius we've been looking for?

TMI has announced its first major competition - the Evil Genius competition. We're looking for you to design and build the game's first raid zone!

To enter you'll need to provide a biography of your Evil Genius, their minions and evil manifesto. You will also need to build your evil genius lair on your own Blurb and post all the information in the forum.

For more details, click here! (Coming Soon)

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